Mistress Suzanne is an attractive, beautiful, and a truly intelligent Goddess.

Mistress Suzanne caters for the novice as well as the connoisseur. Mistress Suzanne respects every level of fetish play from the soft to the extreme. The casual to the more frequent visitor is always welcomed. The full spectrum of her activities can be found on her services page.

The Mistress also takes pleasure from the more hardcore and extreme visitor. She covers evil and sadistic activities not just because of her beauty, sophistication, or her totally irresistible elegant charm but because she was born wicked, immoral, and sinister.

Mistress Suzanne is a dominatrix and her wit is spiced with cruel intentions. She mocks, victimises, and tortures her subjects into barbaric activities.

Mistress Suzanne is an experienced dominatrix and has become the most AWESOME Queen there is. Her sting is lethal and once she has lured her prey into her web there is no escape. Her sting has been used on the most intelligent, strong, and righteous souls. These devoted souls are now helpless, depraved, and corrupt for the sole purpose of serving their Queen. The freewill of these devoted souls is now the personal property of Mistress Suzanne.

From the rigorous masochist seeking the ultimate adult fetish games, to the more relaxed visitor who requires a more sensual and understanding Dominatrix, there is only one Goddess – Mistress Suzanne!

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